Dr. Can Abay

Services Management


Interim Management

Managing companies and business units with P&L
Hit targets and realization of strategies
Managing of investment CAPEX/OPEX
Establishing Plants and ramp up
Managing Start-Ups
S6 Check for banks
Preparation of restructuring plans
Realization of restructuring steps
Change Management
Transformation porcesses
Establish technical organisations
Optimization of production
Optimization of Inbound-/Outboundlogistics
Segmentation of production


Lead Projects

Managing the plant-erection process
Introduction of ERP/PPS-Systems
Integration of IT-Systems
Implementing MES (BDE/MDE)
Manage R&D Structures and projects
Building of R&D Periphery and border conditions


Even More

Establishing and leading joint ventures
Smoothing Intercultural borders
Plant closure - "Protecting" plants
Aquisition of staff for Start Ups
Selection of Management staff