Consultancy Foreign Countries

The world is going through a very moving period. Business relationships and the consideration of new opportunities are put to the test. This is precisely why more bridges must be built between different countries, and projects must be promoted and implemented internationally with persuasive power. In most cases, production sites have to be relocated or even closed. The day-to-day business of the company must not be burdened. The ad hoc required qualified management capacity at C-level is of the utmost importance.




Establishment of companies and plants
Hiring of GM and C-Level
Establishing plants and R&D hubs
Relocation of running production to low-cost countries
Triggering and organization of incentives
Evaluation/rating of companies and plants
Analysis of location
Find and buy ground
Organisation of loans
Moderate between partners and unions
designing services
Secure quality approach


Find investors
Search for partners
Networking and contacts
Find executives and employees


Dispatching services
Organization of legal advice
Third Party Control Services