Perfect strength through Interim Manangement

Increasingly tougher global challenges place high demands on management for manufacturing companies. There is little room for "try & error". Managing volatility and dealing with the international production world, as well as SCM, requires more and more experience and flexibility. Analysis phases must be kept short. The adequate implementation of projects must be started all the faster.

Planning and creating strategies

Creating the perfect strategy for companies and planning the project.

From product genesis to efficient manufacturing process.  

Managing companies and projects

As an interim manager, the implementation of the planned strategies and projects succeeds precisely and effectively. 

The high flexibility, the possibility of a cold start and the independent approach give projects an unusually high implementation speed. 

Consultancy foreign countries

The majority of production sites are in low-wage countries. As a supplier region for Europe, countries such as Turkey, Maghreb and Eastern EU offer a very attractive variant for production and R&D.

However, you need the right understanding and the right methodology so that projects can be successfully designed here. 


Services Consultancy


  • Analysis of business portfolio
  • Benchmark of competitors
  • Strategical Analysis
  • Analysis of building and process organization
  • Analysis of technical divisions (3/5 M)
  • Analysis of technical products
  • Asset-Estimation for plants and Business Units
  • Flow-Charting and VSM
  • Bottleneck-Analysis
  • Clusteranalysis

Create Strategies

  • Alternative business strategies on technical base
  • Check and Definition of product- and production possibilities
  • Showing M&A possibilities
  • Define and secure locations
  • Definition of structures
  • Special strategies for owner-managed companies
  • Definition and evaluation of Investment-Strategies
  • Business Plan


  • Location search and planning
  • Plant (Greenfield/Brownfield)
  • Production- and logistics-Planning
  • Planning of materials handling and automation
  • Planning of EC-/Paintshops and assembly lines
  • Planning of hardening units
  • Selection and determination of simulation tools for assembly
  • Investment-Planning
  • Enhancement of capacities
  • Integration of valuable KPI's
  • Planning of technical order processing
  • Planning of the process organization (Assembly and part production)
  • Planning of the building organization

Services Management

Interim Management

  • Managing companies and business units with P&L
  • Hit targets and realization of strategies
  • Managing of investment CAPEX/OPEX
  • Establishing Plants and ramp up
  • Managing Start-Ups 
  • S6 Check for banks
  • Preparation of restructuring plans
  • Realization of restructuring steps
  • Reporting
  • Change Management
  • Transformation porcesses 
  • Establish technical organisations
  • Optimization of production
  • Optimization of Inbound-/Outboundlogistics
  • Segmentation of production

Lead Projects

  • Managing the plant-erection process
  • Introduction of ERP/PPS-Systems
  • Integration of IT-Systems
  • Implementing MES (BDE/MDE)
  • Manage R&D Structures and projects
  • Building of R&D Periphery and border conditions

Even more ?

  • Establishing and leading joint ventures
  • Smoothing Intercultural borders
  • Plant closure - "Protecting" plants
  • Aquisition of staff for Start Ups
  • Selection of Management staff

Consultancy Foreign Countries 

The world is going through a very moving period. Business relationships and the consideration of new opportunities are put to the test. This is precisely why more bridges must be built between different countries, and projects must be promoted and implemented internationally with persuasive power.

In most cases, production sites have to be relocated or even closed. The day-to-day business of the company must not be burdened. The ad hoc required qualified management capacity at C-level is of the utmost importance.


  • Establishment of companies and plants
  • Hiring of GM and C-Level
  • Establishing plants and R&D hubs
  • Relocation of running production to low-cost countries
  • Triggering and organization of incentives
  • Evaluation/rating of companies and plants
  • Analysis of location
  • Find and buy ground
  • Investment-consultancy
  • Organisation of loans
  • Moderate between partners and unions
  • designing services
  • Secure quality approach


  • Find investors
  • Search for partners
  • Networking and contacts
  • Find executives and employees


  • Dispatching services
  • Security
  • Organization of legal advice
  • Third Party Control Services